Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Those who ignore or forget the past are doomed to relive it

Consider the following:
  1. An increasingly anti-Israel, anti-semitic West (the evidence is everywhere you look)
  2. Israel's strategy of appeasing the West (instead of vanquishing its enemies -- see my earlier post about Caroline Glick's criticism)
  3. The increasingly indifferent, critical, even hostile attitude of Diaspora Jews towards Israel. Here's JoshuaPundit ( A Message For The Tribe) on the subject:
    As Goldberg alludes to at the end of his article, a great many Jews living in the Diaspora no longer support Israel either financially, emotionally or in the voting booth, and the message they give out to the Jewish State is essentially: "Please don't embarrass me with my Leftist friends." … Many of them were ignorant of [Obama’s] background and history, or simply didn't want to know. But enough of them weren't so that his subsequent actions as head of the most anti-Israel administration in US history should have come as no surprise. And while I might personally consider it suicidal, they were and are certainly entitled to make that choice. What they're not entitled to is to feel they have a right to an active voice in how Israel conducts its affairs simply by virtue of the accident of having been born Jews, something many of them try and distance themselves from whenever possible anyway.
    It's hard to avoid concluding that neither the Jews -- both in Israel and in Diaspora -- nor the anti-semites have learned much from history and the Holocaust and the creation of Israel has changed neither.

    Israel strives to appease the gentiles just like Jews did when they did not have their own country.

    Diaspora Jews either ignore anti-semitism, or delude themselves that if they distance themselves from or criticize Israel, they will escape it. 

    And the new anti-semites simply extended their genocidal instincts to Israel. In Europe their predecessors got rid of the Jews. Today they have Muslims instead. Was this substitution a good deal, economically, socially and politically?

    UPDATE: The UK has bee and is today one of the most anti-semitic in Europe. So here's the poetic justice of the population substitution:

    Muslim Group Threatens to Disrupt William's Wedding

    'Game Over' 78% of British Muslims Want Limits On Free Speech When It Comes To Criticizing Religion

    UPDATE: And it's not working much better in France (that also got rid of many of its Jews) either:



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