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JoshuaPundit: Daylight: The Real Story of Obama's Record On Israel



An excellent film by The Emergency Committee For Israel on Obama's real record on Israel and the Middle East...although they left a few important things out,including trashing previous agreements with Israel, telling them they have no right to their religious shrines , threatening an aid cutoff, and instituting what amounted to a de facto arms embargo during the early part of President Obama's term.

I'm sure the Obama Campaign, the president's media allies and the Soros media galley slaves are working overtime to spin this.

FP: Clear demonstration that, taken together with US’s policies towards the Arab “spring”, Iran and Turkey, my early warning that Obama’s intention from the start was to realign the US with the Islamist and Arab world at the expense of Israel. The notion that marination in Wright, Said, Khalidi and Ayers would have no effect is delusional.

Obama has no respect for the knowledge and intelligence of the public. The sad thing is he is right, spin will work and given the gullibility of the American public and the crisis of leadership, he will be re-elected (with the help of American Jews). And then you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Now, compare this with the following:

Obama's AIPAC speech will be pivotal for holding onto Jewish voters in 2012

Obama said there's no reason Israel should doubt U.S. commitment to helping protect their country, and he sought to push back on claims by some Republicans that he isn't a friend of Israel's.

"Every single commitment I have made to the state of Israel and its security, I have kept," Obama said. "Why is it that despite me never failing to support Israel on every single problem that they've had over the last three years, that there are still questions about that?"

Obama has made his ME choice and anybody who believes that after the collapse of his Republican opposition and his re-election he’ll reverse his strategy, is delusional (see next).


Steven J. Rosen: Talking Points

If Obama decides to work with Netanyahu, instead of confronting him, the president might get some surprising results. Unlike Israeli leaders from the left, prime ministers from Netanyahu's center-right Likud party who are prepared to take bold steps -- like Menachem Begin giving up the Sinai or Ariel Sharon disengaging from Gaza -- might not advertise in advance the concessions they are willing to consider. It is time to recognize that Netanyahu is the Israeli people's clear choice to lead their nation, and the president of the United States does better when it works with him than when it works against him. 

Well, he just said that:

Obama: There's still time for diplomacy on Iran

US president tells AIPAC Conference he'll use military force if necessary to stop Iran getting nuclear weapons; "Iran's leaders should have no doubt about the resolve of the US, Israel's right to make decisions."

FP: Do you believe him? Even if he means it, it’s too late. Credibility is shot. The world has changed for the worst, in large part due to Obama’s policies: the ME has Islamized, the US and the West continue to decline and Israel has been isolated and delegitimized, leaving the Palestinians no incentive to compromise on their real objective, which is not just their own state.


Gray area between the red lines

Analysis: If Netanyahu accepts Obama’s way of thinking, he is leaving the attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities entirely up to the Americans, relinquishing Israel's ability to exercise independent judgment. And what if the White House changes its mind?

FP: Everybody talks about Iranian rationality. But what about Israeli rationality? Would it be demonstrated by reliance on a US administration that has proved beyond any reasonable doubt its hostility to Israel and that will be unconstrained by public opinion and vote if re-elected? Netanyahu may think so.


'Of course Israel wants the sanctions to succeed'

On eve of meeting Obama, Peres says, "there are no differences of opinion- along these lines Obama has best record."

FP: Jews must stop deluding themselves that kissing gentiles’ ass will stop persecution. History’s lesson is the exact opposite.


Allied with Democrats for decades, Jewish voters coveted by Republicans

The decades-long allegiance of Jewish voters to the Democratic Party is under unprecedented stress, threatened by a combination of changing demographics and the concerted Republican effort to depict President Barack Obama as unfriendly to Israel.

Nowhere are the stakes higher than South Florida, home to 490,000 Jews who make up a voting bloc powerful enough to influence national elections. Though a small percentage of the overall population, Jews vote at a higher rate than virtually every other slice of the electorate.

More than three-quarters of Jewish voters went for Obama in 2008. If Republicans are even moderately successful in eroding that support and Democrats can't stanch the leakage, it could help push the state's 29 electoral votes - more than 10 percent of the 270 needed to win the presidency - away from Obama and into the Republican column this year.

FP: I don’t believe that.

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