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Elder of Ziyon: Hamas leader Zahar gets Egyptian citizenship!

As I have reported, tens of thousands of Gazans applied  for Egyptian citizenship after the 2004 law that allowed those with Egyptian mothers to become citizens started being enforced last year. A couple of thousand have been accepted as Egyptians.

Arab leaders, and credulous Western experts, have claimed for decades that Palestinian Arabs would refuse to become citizens of Arab countries and their Palestinian Arab leaders insist that they must remain stateless in order to keep the Palestinian Arab cause alive.  But when they have a chance to become citizens elsewhere, they always  jump at the opportunity.

One of the biggest human rights abuses in the world today is the refusal of most Arab countries to naturalize their Palestinian residents, even though they have laws to allow other non-Palestinian Arabs to become citizens. Rather than fight against this - which violates the 1961 Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness and the Convention on the Rights of the Child - human rights organizations actually support keeping Palestinian Arabs stateless - against their will.

It is just another example of the hypocrisy of those who are pretending to fight for the rights of Palestinians.

FP: I have already commented on this, but EoZ raises another important aspect.

It should be noted first that most Gazans are Egyptians, or of Egyptian origins in the first place, because prior to 1967 Gaza belonged to Egypt..

But more importantly, the refusal by Arab states to naturalize refugees had only one purpose: to keep them marinated in hardships and, thus, hostile and violent to serve as a weapon against Israel; it was the exact opposite of concern for their welfare.

This, however, has created a serious problem which has become very difficult to solve: the accumulation of millions of descendants characterized by the very hostility and violence that the Arab states worked to induce makes their acceptance into Arab societies a very risky proposition, that can wreak serious havoc, as was the case with Jordan and Lebanon. So much so that, unlike Egypt, Arab states are actually withdrawing citizenship and rights from their Palestinian residents who already hold them.

It is probably fair to assume that today that problem works more against the solution of the refugee problem than the original intention, although the more the West lures the Arabs into a sense of victory, the old purpose will surface again.


Soccer Dad: Does Thomas Friedman read his own columns? (via Israel Matzav)

Towards the of Words of the Prophets, Thomas Friedman wrote:

"Everyone expects these Arab revolutions to solve the problems, but what they are actually doing is revealing the existence of all these problems that were put in a freezer,” the Arab commentator Hazem Saghieh told me. “All these years, the only thing that was allowed to come to the surface was that there is a consensus on the beloved leader and animosity to Israel and imperialism. There was no room for politics and differentiation. Behind this facade, Arab society became rotten, and now we are seeing the return of the repressed.”

It’s like a kid who was beaten and left uneducated by his parents for 50 years and one day the kid finally decides to fight back, he added. “Morally, you have to support his right to revolt, but this guy is very traumatized.”

So let’s help in an intelligent, humane way, but with no illusions that this transition will be easy or a happy ending assured.

Ten years ago Friedman gave a clean bill of health to the members of the Arab League. Why? Because they had offered Israel a "peace" initiative. Friedman didn't care that they were repressing their own people, just that they had supposedly made an offer of "normalization" with Israel, if Israel would accede to their demands. Back then, Friedman was supporting the consensus that his source now disparages.

If he wishes to quote Simon and Garfunkel, I'd recommend, "A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest."

FP: Friedman has systematically and continuously contradicted himself, to which he prefers to be oblivious, hoping that his readers are equally so (apparently they are). He is the quintessential “finger in the wind” writer, who adapts himself to what he perceives as the daily changing consensus of the liberal NY elite.


Israel Matzav: Obama's BFF blocks EU from attending NATO summit unless Iran and Syria are represented

Last week, President Obama's Best Friend Forever, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, blocked Israel from attending a NATO summit in Chicago next month. Now, Erdogan is blocking the European Union (to which Turkey aspires but has not been accepted) as well, unless the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) is allowed to attend as well. The OIC's members include Iran and Syria (Hat Tip: Joshua I).

Meanwhile, the OIC, a bloc of 56 countries, is also taking a growing interest in the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and in 2010 it accepted a proposal by member states Turkey and the United Arab Emirates to appoint an OIC permanent representative for Afghanistan.

But wait for it.... This wasn't Turkey's idea. It was Obama's.

The US administration has joined the push for greater OIC involvement in Afghanistan for the last couple of years, which would bring benefits in efforts towards reconciliation between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

Huh? Okay, I don't watch Afghanistan too closely, but I thought that the whole point of the US being in Afghanistan was to get rid of the Taliban.

In any event, it appears that the Obama administration is complicit with Israel being excluded from NATO and with the OIC being included in NATO. I guess that's all part of what Hussein Obama calls 'having Israel's back.'

FP: I feel increasingly like pinching myself whenever I read about Obama’s policies. If re-elected he’s bound to bring the Taliban to power and then fund its government.


US Jews vastly prefer Obama to Romney

Those surveyed also approved more than disapproved of way Obama has handled what they saw as major issues.

And they say Jews are smart. If only they could elect him just for themselves. They’re welcome to him and deserve him.

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