Saturday, February 11, 2017

Unbounded Corporate Greed and Hypocrisy

Why Zillionaires Pretend Immigrant Compassion They Congenitally Lack: To Profit from Exploiting Both Them and American Workers

Corporate zillionaires have suddenly got compassion and lined up as one to protest Trump's travel ban and protect the rights of immigrants and foreign workers:
And if you believe that, I've got a tower in Paris and a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. The only reason is to pit them in competition with American workers while their companies become increasingly monopolistic/oligopolistic--nirvana. This enables them to profit from exploiting both. Marx had his points.
 "Their lobbyists claim there is a “talent shortage” among Americans and thus that the industry needs more of such work visas. This is patently false. The truth is that they want an expansion of the H-1B work visa program because they want to hire cheap, immobile labor — i.e., foreign workers.

To see how this works, note that most Silicon Valley firms sponsor their H-1B workers, who hold a temporary visa, for U.S. permanent residency (green card) under the employment-based program in immigration law. EB sponsorship renders the workers de facto indentured servants; though they have the right to move to another employer, they do not dare do so, as it would mean starting the lengthy green card process all over again."
--Silicon Valley Is Using H-1B Visas To Pay Low Wages To Immigrants

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